Constructs [verb]

Definition of Constructs:

assemble, build

Synonyms of Constructs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Constructs:

Sentence/Example of Constructs:

Paris, hungry for the spectacular, constructs it indifferently out of anything, civil war as readily as the burial of a statesman.

On the other hand, when the words “a black” are heard, the mind constructs no image; it waits until the noun modified is spoken.

The good and the bad are conventional constructs, and the value of an act is relative to the end or purpose it serves.

This species constructs its cup-shaped nest in all manner of strange places.

The white-breasted waterhen constructs its nursery in a thicket at the margin of some village pond.

That of Pyralis tuberculana constructs a pannier-shaped one of the parenchyma of the leaves of plants.

The angler constructs nothing: he belongs to the acquisitive branch.

Above these, among the branches, the Tekeneeka hunter constructs a sort of wattle staging or nest.

Beowulf constructs a shield of iron: which naturally gives very inferior protection.

And so the little careful architect constructs its house in such a manner as to find in it tranquillity, cleanliness, and comfort.