Construed [verb]

Definition of Construed:

deduce; explain

Synonyms of Construed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Construed:

Sentence/Example of Construed:

In Havana, as throughout Cuba, there is a cigar etiquette, to infringe any of the rules of which is construed as an insult.

Lastly a contract dates from the time of acceptance, and is construed or interpreted by the law of the place where it was made.

More generally, leases of doubtful duration are construed in favor of the tenants.

As the company framed the policy all of its provisions in its favor are strictly construed.

But I never manifested my opinion in a way which can be construed into a crime, or which tended to occasion any disturbance.

Do not be fond of shewing my letter; the playful effusions of friendship would be construed by strangers as gross vanity.

Her overtures of familiarity and service was unskilfully made; her very timidity construed into labored condescension.

How can that part of the commandment be construed, ‘and the stranger that is within thy gates?’

I fear that your long silence and delay on this head is construed into contumacy and resistance.

Fred laughed and broke down, for he really meant to say nothing that could be construed into flattery or impertinence.