Consult [verb]

Definition of Consult:

ask, confer

Opposite/Antonyms of Consult:

Sentence/Example of Consult:

Consult not with him that layeth a snare for thee, and hide thy counsel from them that envy thee.

Mrs. Irvin has decided to consult a palmist or a hypnotist or some such occult authority before dining with you this evening.

I came here this afternoon on purpose to consult you, though I knew what a busy time it was with you during the hay harvest.

Tell ye, and come, and consult together: who hath declared this from the beginning, who hath foretold this from that time?

Then, too, they wanted to fasten the porcelain insulators just right and had to consult one of the books several times.

For when war cometh upon them, or evils: the priests consult with themselves, where they may hide themselves with them.

To look towards the door often, consult your watch, or give tokens of weariness, are all marks of ill-breeding.

The day before her trial, her advocate, Chauveau de la Garde, visited her to consult respecting her defense.

I think it only right, dear mother, to consult you and father before saying yes.

The first person to consult, the last to afflict—a mother—should not be the victim of her daughter's feelings.