Consultants [noun]

Definition of Consultants:

professional advisor

Synonyms of Consultants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consultants:


Sentence/Example of Consultants:

He had been sent to me, after having made a round of the consultants, to see if I could give him any hope as to the future.

At any rate, he can tell his consultants with a good conscience that if they pray to Mary for grace they will receive it.

Obviously this was a case for the Little Red Doctor, together with such consultants as he might care to call in.

In doubtful cases the Council considers these questions with the advice and cooperation of its staff of clinical consultants.

Enough so to make top authority tear its hair and allow only fully-cleared scientific consultants in on the thing.

Bending Consultants, as a title for a business, was a little misleading because of the plural ending of the last word.

For some consultants there seems very little of interest to be read in their cup.

This may happen in consultation, when one of the consultants does not admit the right to kill an unborn child.

It is well to keep this possibility in mind, otherwise the seer may give misleading information to consultants.

The best books on nature come from and lead to the Grasshopper's Library, which is free to all consultants.