Consultative [adjective]

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They were all created members of a consultative committee, which was to sit "until the reorganization of the legislative party."

While the plenipotentiaries were discussing the terms of peace, autocracy launched a ukase calling for a consultative assembly.

Although the Congress was consultative in nature, it completed the revolutionary organization and made unity of action possible.

Apart from these the act of 1850 respecting improvements in towns initiated consultative committees.

They declined to sit as regular members of the Assembly, content with the humbler position of consultative members.

They sit in a consultative gathering known as an indaba, and discuss the civil and military affairs of their tribe.

Upon the second and (p. 295) third consuls was bestowed simply a "consultative voice."

It appears hard that the designer had no consultative voice in the choice of impression and disposition of the Book.

The consultative committee of the Conservative Party has passed a resolution demanding the abandonment of neutrality.

The edict made it clear that the functions of the assemblies were to be purely consultative.