Consulted [verb]

Definition of Consulted:

ask, confer

Opposite/Antonyms of Consulted:

Sentence/Example of Consulted:

Terrified with this apparition, he consulted several friends, who advised him to take the advice.

"Then I think it was your duty to have first consulted me, Lady Maude," he said, feeling deeply mortified.

He consulted Skipworth about a manager and asked if he knew any railway man in Ireland, not too old, who would do.

Now it so happened that the attorneys for the defense had consulted with a chemist, who was in the court room by request.

Every team in Rosewater was bespoken for the distinguished occasion, and the reports of the weather bureau were consulted daily.

Held in great esteem by her noble master, Mrs. Brand was consulted by him on all matters of minor importance.

His father consulted Kndinger as to the wisdom of allowing his son to devote himself entirely to music.

In 1816 Bordin was consulted by Mme. d'Espard regarding her husband.

They should at least have consulted Dionysius of Halicarnassus, who gives this inscription in his fourth book.

Even the Chancellor, with whom Montague was on terms of intimate friendship, had not been consulted.