Consumable [adjective]

Definition of Consumable:

available, working

Opposite/Antonyms of Consumable:

Sentence/Example of Consumable:

If the shell hits anything, then that further destruction has to be added to the diminution of consumable goods.

But it is not generally known how large a quantity of consumable stores and baggage go in a well-supported mail packet.

Fleets and armies are maintained, not with gold and silver, but with consumable goods.

The rest must all be sent abroad, and exchanged for consumable goods of some kind or other.

Their expense is taxed, by taxing the consumable commodities upon which it is laid out.

Consumable commodities, whether necessaries or luxuries, may be taxed in two different ways.

Why is one-half our consumable product contrived for consumption that yields no material benefit?

It is by their simultaneous concurrence that any thing becomes consumable, and, of course, that it comes to constitute wealth.

Consequently a nation may become immensely rich by the constant exportation of specie and importation of consumable commodities.

These consumable commodities, and the money which might be exchanged for other consumable commodities, were circulating capital.