Contacted [verb]

Definition of Contacted:

communicate with

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Sentence/Example of Contacted:

When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.

Privacy concerns about similar-sounding — but actually very different — contact-tracing apps have needlessly scared people away.

An executive at Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the nation’s leading PCR test providers, contacted Hogan’s office the same week that the state sent its letter of intent to South Korea.

It turns out he lied to contact tracers, and had worked at the restaurant and been in close contact with another infected worker for several shifts.

Transit officials said Metro’s Office of Occupational Health and Wellness made notifications to workers who had been in close contact with the employee.

A second lawsuit we filed in July — which has been joined by KPBS and the Union-Tribune — sought epidemiological reports detailing the county’s contact tracing efforts.

Voice of San Diego also filed suit against the county in July seeking epidemiological reports detailing its contact tracing efforts.

One departure was Bump, a smartphone app that let users exchange contact information automatically by bumping their devices together.

Stevens said he would help her get in contact with potential employers, Turner wrote.

This variation on the more traditional bent-over row puts less stress on the lower back, Spinelli explains, by using three points of contact to provide more support.