Contacts [noun]

Definition of Contacts:

form of communication

Synonyms of Contacts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contacts:

Sentence/Example of Contacts:

The general public never contacts the real circus people, just the ticket takers, ushers, and roustabouts.

An arc of the disk is shown in Fig. 3, where trip pins are driven in for making the electric contacts.

The beam was attached to the skate wheel with two small bolts which were insulated and carried two brushes as commutator contacts.

Thus amalgamation of races insures the conditions of primary social contacts most favorable for assimilation.

When in closed position, the platinum contacts should make contact with each other over their entire surfaces.

The gauge riveted to the adjusting wrench should barely be able to pass between the contacts when fully open.

Should the contacts become pitted, a fine file should be used to smooth them in order to permit them to come into perfect contact.

She looked like an older, taller version of Ange -- Ange said her father was the short one -- with contacts instead of glasses.

It's as if they woke only to collective contacts, and the single consciousness were an unmeaning fragment to them.

How it would sweeten business and fraternal and social contacts and friendships, if the salt of this great purpose seasoned them!