Contained [verb]

Definition of Contained:

include, hold

Synonyms of Contained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contained:

Sentence/Example of Contained:

Yet, Monsieur Arden, I have discovered some of the best treasures the house contained, and they are at present in this room.

Besides a few crumbs, it contained a small lump of narwhal blubber and a little packet.

Chemistry has taught us that nicotine is only one among many principles which are contained in the plant.

If not, I shall do so as soon as possible, as befits the importance of what is contained in them, and the service of your Majesty.

Tony, less self-centred, less rigidly contained, had penetrated her by an understanding sympathy greater than his own.

They led me to the largest wigwam of all; it contained fully eighty people.

The sun had risen, when the equipage that contained Louis de Montemar, ascended the mountainous heights of the Guadarama.

Several sentinels drew around the vehicle, with demands whence it came, and what was the object of the persons it contained.

Louis would not think twice on the implied suspicions against himself, which every sentence of the letter contained.

It contained an elaborate account of all the comets recorded in history , down to the year 1665.