Container [noun]

Definition of Container:

holder for physical object

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Sentence/Example of Container:

In one set of experiments, he stressed the animals by trapping them inside a wire-mesh container for 30 minutes.

Some TVs can’t decode certain formats, like DTS or Dolby Atmos, which means this trick won’t work on movies encoded in those containers.

Engineer Charles Carron of Grenoble, Switzerland, suggested that a 40-foot-long, 20,000-pound, bullet-shaped container should be added to the tower’s silhouette.

Officers then carried out an hours-long raid on the publication’s offices, cordoning off large sections of the newsroom and carting away containers full of confiscated material, as the newspaper’s staff live-streamed the proceedings.

The carved stone container holds a miniature llama or alpaca carved from a spiny oyster shell and a gold sheet rolled into a cylinder about the length of a paperclip, the scientists report in the August Antiquity.

This time, they rapidly rotated the container holding the oobleck clockwise and counterclockwise.

It uses pressure changes to get liquid in steel containers to move in and out of oak or other wood chips in the mix.

Researchers can then scoop the goopy poop into a plastic container and take it back to the lab for study.

He reached into the plastic container and drew forth a handful of brownish objects that smelled to Kieran like dried fruit.

The most common relations are cause and effect, container and thing contained, and sign and the thing signified.