Contaminating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Contaminating:

Some of these species are endangered, and their infection would likely occur either through direct contact with humans at zoos or aquariums or via untreated wastewater that is contaminated with the coronavirus from human sewage.

Sure that the dish had become contaminated, Xue and colleagues tried the experiment again … and again … and again.

The gel also might limit bees’ ability to fly or even contaminate bees’ eggs.

However, veterinary specialists say there are techniques that can help people identify contaminated food before they buy it.

At the beginning of the outbreak, public health officials thought that the virus was primarily transmitted by people touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then touching their face.

To purify liquids by the dissipation of the volatile matters which may contaminate them.

How could I know a wretched exile had returned to contaminate the soil with foreign vulgarity?

One spotted peach will contaminate an entire basket, one drop of ink cloud a full glass of clear water.

Did you think for a moment that I would leave this angel from heaven here, for you to contaminate with your filthy breath!

Even his engagements in the service of excise did not, at first, threaten either to contaminate the poet or to ruin the farmer.