Contemn [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Contemn:

What we seriously object to and actively contemn—yea, bitterly denounce—is the nose of her.

We covet superfluous things, when it were more honour for us if we would contemn necessary.

To refuse "the reconciliation" is to contemn the death in which the Sinless One was made sin on our behalf.

Crafty men contemn studies; simple men admire them; and wise men use them.

Wherefore we are asked two things—to contemn the Jew and accept the symphony as a manifestation of tremendous genius.

The dregs and draffy part, disgrace and jealousie, I scorn thee; and contemn thee.Ru.

Such as stubbornly contemn all godly admonition and obstinately remain to their iniquity cannot be accounted amongst the faithful.

Leave it to miserable fools, to contemn the wisdom of the Most High.

I do not ask that you should pity these women with whom I have to deal, still less that you should contemn them.

Reward my temperance with some lawful favour, Though you contemn my person.