Contemplative [adjective]

Definition of Contemplative:

deep in thought

Synonyms of Contemplative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contemplative:

Sentence/Example of Contemplative:

Thereafter he went into a contemplative frame of mind to the docks, and found Sam Blake as usual in his bunk.

An upright, phlegmatic man who finally led the contemplative life of one of the ancient hermits.

It was Tanqueray who kept on looking at him with clear, contemplative eyes under brows no longer irritable.

He was merely a friend of her aunt's, and from that contemplative position he never stepped down.

The fish will regard with contemplative indifference every other lure but a close imitation of that particular insect.

Goethe, in his West-stliches Divan, celebrated what is quiet and contemplative in the Oriental view of life.

Even at Loch Leven we may be contemplative, may be quiet, and go a-fishing.

It favored contemplative habits and the passive virtues, so much needed in turbulent times.

The following account is principally abridged from that very interesting work, The Contemplative Philosopher.

This gradual increase of darkness awakens in a contemplative mind a soft melancholy.