Contemporaries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contemporaries:

His letters are simply laughable, especially his characters of contemporaries.

Map and Chrétien were certainly contemporaries, but in neither case do we know the date of birth.

The proofs you have given so far are but solemn pledges to outdo all your contemporaries.

If his book is bad for our times and for us, it was very good for his contemporaries, and his religion was still better.

We should always aim at perfection, and then posterity will do us that justice which sometimes our contemporaries refuse us.

Gautier, above all his contemporaries, was of precisely the temper of mind to appreciate Charles Baudelaire.

She looked up to the young savant, if not as a god or hero, at least as a man far superior to his contemporaries.

Let my name perish, let posterity pronounce its anathema against me, let my contemporaries send me into exile!

Others were derided by their contemporaries, as we deride the made-to-order coat of arms of some nineteenth century upstart.

We shall proceed to notice some of the peculiarities which distinguished him from his contemporaries.