Contemptuous [adjective]

Definition of Contemptuous:

arrogant, insolent

Opposite/Antonyms of Contemptuous:

Sentence/Example of Contemptuous:

He called upon the Order to show their title-deeds, but was met with a contemptuous refusal.

Junot and Ney were openly contemptuous, Regnier hung back, and was three weeks late in his arrangements.

But his lips were hard pressed and his eyes became suddenly contemptuous, then smiling.

They did so, and Crane looked up at the fat hardware man with eyes that were not quite so contemptuous.

At this period Tchaikovskys attitude to his father and his aunts was slightly egotistical and contemptuous.

Madame Roland instantly penetrated his character, and he was repulsed from her presence by the most contemptuous neglect.

This, with contemptuous indignation, we fling back into their face, as a scorpion to a vulture.

His smile was cynical, and suggested a kind of contemptuous pity for the person to whom he spoke.

The flower-dealer eyed his customers with contemptuous speculation, seeing what had claimed their eyes.

He pulled off an india-rubber band from the latest packet, and was soon deep in them, at first half ashamed, half contemptuous.