Contemptuously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Contemptuously:

By all accounts, he could be contemptuous of bores and dullards.

You can certainly feel contemptuous toward people you don’t know.

It seems a real paradox that we become contemptuous of the people who we have the most familiarity with, which would tend to be family, friends, people we work with.

In truth, the art of tobacco using is nowhere more ignored, nowhere more contemptuously neglected than in these 'favored isles.'

The labour of the spade and of the loom, and the petty gains of trade, he contemptuously abandoned to men of a lower caste.

Ask him to play on that string; Ill wager hell refuse, said the old man, contemptuously.

Not very probable,” said Sarah, contemptuously, “though I make no doubt the rebels got behind the logs.

We were contemptuously termed ‘pograms,’ a term of reproach the origin of which I have never learnt.

Harvey glanced rather contemptuously at the lean, attenuated arm that the other displayed, where he had rolled his cuffs back.

"With old shot-guns, horse-pistols, and antique rifles," replied Win contemptuously.