Contended [verb]

Definition of Contended:

compete, fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Contended:

Sentence/Example of Contended:

Jamie Boswell contended that cookery was the criterion of reason; for that no animal but man did cook.

The bank contended that had the clerk waited until the proper day, and then drawn the money, it would not have been liable.

The infidelity of her father and the piety of her mother contended, like counter currents of the ocean, in her bosom.

Adverse critics contended that he unduly protected the Filipino to the prejudice of the white manʼs interest.

It is admitted, nay, contended for, that the exercise brings under obligation: but that is only to duty.

Seldom, very seldom would I go to war—never, unless for some great principle, such as that for which our forefathers contended.

Pitt was pressed in 1784 by political difficulties not less than those with which Montague had contended in 1698.

No one contended that there were further points of difference between the two communions.

Mr. D. Browne moved, that the bill be read that day six months; in doing which he contended for a total abolition of tithes.

Sir Robert Peel contended that the noble lord's resolution was partial and unintelligible.