Contends [verb]

Definition of Contends:

compete, fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Contends:

Sentence/Example of Contends:

He told The Washington Post early in his tenure that he hoped “to get America to where it sees subtle forms of segregation” but at times found himself contending with more blatant ones.

She contends he had promised the sperm donor would resemble her husband and come from a similar ethnic background.

As if the ongoing pandemic and economic fallout weren’t enough to contend with, publishers are facing up to a privacy revolution that will upend targeted advertising.

Long-term, the franchise cannot contend while skating on such thin ice.

Who can win the Masters, who can but won’t and who to pick in your poolAs far as the Masters is concerned, however, DeChambeau has never really contended.

In the 1960s, Soviet scientists contended that they had produced a new form of water.

She contends that the policing system in America does not work so no additional money should be invested.

That of course depends on whether he has the mandate to spend as usual, which is the only way for Washington to bury a down year and contend as it has for a decade now.

Cose contends that the death of traditional free-speech norms might in fact be a good thing, given our current challenges.

Women in politics contend with a persistently misogynistic political culture that has been a formidable barrier for too long.