Contented [adjective]

Definition of Contented:

at ease; happy

Synonyms of Contented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contented:

Sentence/Example of Contented:

I think, however, that it was more a case of knowing and understanding herself so well that she could be contented anywhere.

There was hardly to be found in all Southern Tennessee a more contented, shiftless, ill-bestead family than theirs.

And the idea once fixed in his mind, he was not likely to rest contented with half the glory of his victory.

I had the good fortune to be one of the two; and the praise I got, and the benefit of the money made me contented for a time.

She sighed, strangely contented, and was positive—knew that in due time he too must come to understand.

The Rushmeres if not contented were resigned, and both united in treating Dorothy with kindness and consideration.

So we contented ourselves with driving the car around the noble pile and viewing the exterior from every angle.

He contented himself the better by frequent visits to Skyrie, and by his gift to Dorothy of the stray kitten.

But he went about happy and contented, now and then visiting the back building, in order to get a glimpse of his Sarah.

He was perfectly contented to bide his time, remembering that adage: "All things come to him who waits."