Contentiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contentiousness:

Since things were going especially well he could not say much, but still he could look his contentiousness, and did.

That he is capable of profound affections merely modifies here and there his natural contentiousness, and subdues its expression.

Settled rancour is the last and worst form of contentiousness.

There was something highly diverting about this grim lawyer, with his dry contentiousness and almost farcical caution.

How tired I am of watching myself, of trying to detect the secret of my disgust and contentiousness.

The other wisdom is productive of nothing really valuable, and inspires those who possess it with contentiousness.

Ralph Addington, as usual, showed an exasperating tendency towards contradiction, an unvarying contentiousness.

The difference is that in neither contentiousness nor in kindly dispute do we expect, or intend, to get anywhere.

I suppose, out of pure contentiousness, you'll be saying it's pretty.