Contestants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contestants:

The day school closed; the contestants for the prize offered by Mrs. Kerrick handed in their plays.

The two contestants mounted new horses and sat face to face; behind each stood an attendant with the sheaf of reed lances.

Now the contestants were in clear view, and a race followed unparalleled in the annals of war.

In case the contestants come to an agreement, the magistrate shall announce the fact.

The latter, having formed, stood also towards these two, which now lay between the contestants as the prize to the victor.

All of the boys expected to see a great fight, and some backed away from the landing, to give the contestants more room.

At the appointed hour the contestants lined up, and at a word from George Strong, who had consented to start them, they were off.

After this explosion of wit the contestants compromised, shook hands, and passed without colliding.

At desperate grips, both contestants used whatever weapons lay ready to their hands.

Such an issue, in which one of the contestants must fall, was extremely distasteful to the man of peace.