Context [noun]

Definition of Context:

framework, circumstances

Synonyms of Context:

Opposite/Antonyms of Context:


Sentence/Example of Context:

Learning is best when it is built around doing, and when the context is practical, allowing students to try their hand at solving problems even as they’re still learning.

It’s hard not to look at today’s announcement in the context of the overall challenges that Mozilla is going through.

Unicef now plans to run a series of pilot programs with various partner countries to observe how practical and effective their guidelines are in different contexts.

The video above also provides the missing context from the clips.

Now, the spirit of the Bauhaus has been invoked once more, in the context of Europe’s grand plan to go green.

At SEOmonitor, we’re committed to helping SEO agencies navigate uncertainty, so we adapt our solutions to the current context.

At the time, she didn’t give a reason for her resignation, but in an interview with Fortune earlier this month, she provided more context for her departure and revealed what she’s doing next.

“So you have to be able to function in the context of good public health practices, at the same time that it seems that everything is politicized, which is really unfortunate,” added Fauci.

So that they learn that LGBTQ people are like anyone else and that they understand the context of their history.

Honestly, even though I’ve written about the myriad ways that women’s cycles can impact health and performance, I don’t regularly think about it in the context of my own life.