Contexts [noun]

Definition of Contexts:

framework, circumstances

Synonyms of Contexts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contexts:


Sentence/Example of Contexts:

No gravel-tempered sherds occur in contexts that can positively be dated prior to 1675.

The latest occurrence of gravel-tempered wares is in contexts of the early and middle 18th century.

But not only is soke the commoner, it is also the wider word; we can not substitute sake for it in all contexts.

Such words as a charter has about consent may occur in two different contexts.

Sarcey has used the phrase so often, and in so many contexts, that it is impossible to tie him down to any strict definition.

Nursing is a professional service offered in social contexts, most often in bureaucratically organized health services.

He has quoted his enemies' mistakes without their excuses, their texts without their contexts.

In such contexts, only cowards can wish dishonour borne and indignation unrevealed.

Unfortunately, however, as Kant in certain contexts is clearly aware, time also belongs to the realities perceived.

Two of these have counterparts from early 17th-century contexts at Jamestown.