Continence [noun]

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I remarked, what a difficulty the law of continence must impose on those who had to determine the vocation of young men.

He was thoroughly persuaded that continence could not be really observed by the French clergy.

In the popular view, continence, self-control, is adherence to our formed judgment.

A number of well-meaning people demand from men absolute "continence" save for procreation only.

The lesson of history, then, is that continence is essential to the progress of the race.

If you see a fair man or a fair woman, you will find that the power to resist is temperance (continence).

When the Walapai were about to engage in a great hunt continence was enjoined upon the warriors for a certain period.

The world does not perpetuate in its chronicles the continence of women; it is too small, too personal, too common to be noted.

Alexander, however, who impressed his contemporaries by his sexual continence, kept no harem of the old sort.

All was bold and telling in the manner, and yet the manner was reticent with nature and fine with well-bred continence.