Contingencies [noun]

Definition of Contingencies:

chance happening; possibility

Synonyms of Contingencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contingencies:

Sentence/Example of Contingencies:

Max Bray arranged all future matters to his entire satisfaction, but again there were contingencies that he could not foresee.

Hence to give a margin of safety to cover contingencies not calculable, an excess of material must be provided.

Money was necessary to pay expenses of transportation and for other contingencies as they might arise.

The Titanic was efficiently designed and constructed to meet the contingencies which she was intended to meet.

Too many chances are against the climbers; too many contingencies may turn against them.

The riot ended only when the captain had been despoiled of the peppermints he had provided for such contingencies.

He was simply regarding the harrowing contingencies of human experience, the unexpectedness of things.

Apart from such contingencies, the offspring only of folly or of crime, this Constitution is peculiarly liable to subtle change.

There appeared, in short, to be a very handsome remainder left over for what Sam called "contingencies."

The poco di piu and poco di meno has, in such contingencies, an unbounded influence.