Contingents [adjective]

Definition of Contingents:

conditional; possible

Synonyms of Contingents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contingents:

Sentence/Example of Contingents:

The problem is that ethical truths are necessarily true, and you can’t account for necessary truths without in some way going beyond the contingent states of the physical world.

It’s home to many of the most rabid fan bases in the country, an especially vocal contingent of college football tribalism unafraid to announce, with frequency, that the sport means more here.

The largest contingent hailed from the SEC, with 10 of the 14 member schools choosing not to reveal the number of positive results.

This was to some degree contingent upon retailer safety precautions.

The main Crusader contingent, however, was able to take advantage of transport ships that sailed directly from Europe to Palestine.

A small contingent of the members hurried off to applaud the successful comic opera of the hour.

I met him striding toward the building that seemed to be a clearing house for the official contingent.

A claim barred by the statute of limitations is not provable, nor is a contingent liability.

They encountered a score of ruffians who had cut themselves adrift from the Gwalior contingent.

Blazer contingent has moved up closer; they pretend to recognise me as "Cousin Bill."