Continua [noun]

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A century ago, Einstein theorized that gravity is a warping of the spacetime continuum, and argued that masses in motion send out ripples at the speed of light.

Elite running coach Steve Magness and others have argued that each event has its own continuum from slow-twitch to fast-twitch—which makes it tricky to figure out whether you’re, say, a slow-twitch miler or a fast-twitch 5K runner.

I am totally just one voice in a continuum of voices, calling out for nature, from nature, for people to wake up.

The most recent epochs form a continuum from “old new” to “newest new,” and ages are typically named after the place in which they are defined.

With these symbiotic microbes, our existence joins the ranks of a continuum shared by many other beings that exist outside our bodies.

I know of no way of so identifying it except by discovering that it is delimited in a time continuum.

It was not possible to die from lack of air or from cold on a world without the time continuum.

Of the celebrated formula, 'the continuum is unity in multiplicity,' only the multiplicity remains, the unity has disappeared.

The mathematical continuum would be, in this view, a pure creation of the mind, where experience would have no part.

To learn what mathematicians understand by a continuum, one should not inquire of geometry.