Continuities [noun]

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It was the right thing to do to provide connectivity and continuity for kids in school during this period of abnormality.

Without question, Jornet is genetically gifted—OK, fine, he’s from another planet—but it’s the sheer volume and continuity of his training since grade school that may be the secret sauce behind his ability.

The history of marriage is one of both continuity and change.

Her aim of sorts is for the continuity of what she’s already done—work rooted in creating human connections.

The frame-free design creates continuity with your other screens, which is an especially helpful feature if you’re video editing or gaming.

In a three-span bridge the theoretical advantage of continuity is about 49% for a dead load and 16% for a live load.

The spans were in fact designed as independent girders, the advantage of continuity being at that time imperfectly known.

The continuity which the surface seems to have, and the apparent solidity of the ball are, then, pure illusions.

But there is a singular survival and continuity of the ancient practice: men still swear by Jove.

That would develope every department of it; and energy, combined with continuity of service, would secure this.