Continuous [adjective]

Definition of Continuous:

constant, unending

Synonyms of Continuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Continuous:

Sentence/Example of Continuous:

It’s no secret that small businesses everywhere face a continuous struggle for survival as they compete against national chains and online competition.

During her FKT attempt, she received continuous en route support from Warren Doyle, a nine-time AT finisher and founder of the Appalachian Trail Institute—a preparatory program for aspiring thru-hikers.

Through Medicare, if a patient is terminally ill and has a life expectancy of six months or less, they can access on-call nursing assistance, medical equipment and prescriptions, as well as continuous care in crisis moments when symptoms flare.

Our lineup of founders include Sonny Vu, whose last startup, Misfit, was acquired by Apple, and is currently the chief executive officer of continuous carbon-fiber 3D printing company Arevo.

The unit’s travel size doesn’t leave room for many features, but it can be set to deliver single, double, or triple pulses of water, or a continuous stream.

I’m the longest-living continuous fantasy-sports player on the planet Earth.

Laser detections will appear more randomly than they would for satellites, so more continuous observations are needed to really predict where debris is headed.

The pair solved a problem about closed curves that are both “continuous” and “smooth.”

If they haven’t changed then you should be looking for continuous improvement.

In reality, it’s a continuous work with the analysis of your ads and competitors, the full niche.