Continuously [adjective]

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Hosts should improve ventilation by opening windows or doors or putting central air and heating on continuous circulation.

If touch relies on sight, then it would have to keep a continuous line-of-sight in a complex and dynamic setting—something computer vision doesn’t do well in, at least for now.

Interactions are often continuous and would require a self-driving car to learn and adapt its behavior within each interaction, not just between them.

Unlike ByteDance, Kuaishou has had limited success overseas and relies on continuous domestic growth.

Robust and continuous training programs signal our commitment to growth and education.

Gibson said his agency doesn’t have the funding to take on continuous monitoring either.

Berz says the fact that the outages are intermittent and not continuous, and therefore difficult to predict, makes it even harder to trace the disruptions to their exact source.

The kicker here is the eight hours of continuous play you can get from a single charge, plus the four more full charges provided by the case, which altogether gets you a whopping 40 hours of play time.

Now the demonstrations that would have been isolated are now participated in by a much broader range of people and are continuous.

Scientists stumbled across the find when, in 2018, they spied a continuous stretch of dark spots along what was once the shore of the ancient Lake Otero, now dried up.