Contorted [verb]

Definition of Contorted:

disfigure, distort

Synonyms of Contorted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contorted:

Sentence/Example of Contorted:

Their eyes care little for the soft, changing colours of the ocean or the vast, contorted masses of the clouds.

He made an effort, contorted himself as much as he could, and penetrated into the cave as far as he was able.

His body was contorted by gasping sobs, and his feet tapped the floor with the rapidity of those of a man running at top speed.

The bird's-eye maple has its fibers so singularly contorted as to produce numerous little knots which look like the eye of a bird.

As she watched him he looked at her, and a spasm of pain contorted his face.

His grim visage was contorted into an expression of amiability, which sat on him with an ill grace.

Contorted formations, logans and rock-basins, reveal the decomposition of softer measures that has been proceeding for ages.

His face was pale, his eyes moved restlessly; his contorted features seemed overshadowed by old, long-standing grief.

I answered that I thought I could distinguish weirdly contorted branches and strangely shivering foliage.

Helen watched him through the same confusing mist, and his straight, slim little figure was oddly contorted.