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Fire is not just for professionals, not just for government employees and their contractors.

Recently released emails and other documents by the city suggest that as those violations began to roll late last year, the relationship between city managers and its general contractor began to strain.

When the government hires private contractors, it will enter into a “blackout” period where communications must take place in official channels.

The SpaceX Dragon demonstration trip, which began May 30, was the first time a private contractor had flown National Aeronautics and Space Administration personnel aboard a private spacecraft.

The county data only reflects county employees and does not include roughly 100 additional contact tracers who have been hired as contractors.

The plain language of the bill permits any contractor, whether union or non-union, to sign a PLA and submit a bid.

“Insofar as officers are dealing with the public, it looks exactly the same to the public whether they are dealing with a contractor or uniformed officer of the transit agency,” Levinson-Waldman said.

He pointed out that Anderson didn’t caucus with Republicans, and he angered contractor groups that usually take on construction unions in local politics.

“All MTS employees and contractors will absolutely follow the use of force guidance in AB 392,” Fletcher told Voice of San Diego in a statement.

A rider or driver employed by a contractor for carrying the mails is an assistant in the business of the government.