Contractors [noun]

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One or two English mechanics were to accompany the engines which the contractors engaged should be in Lima within eighteen months.

For a long time there were no contractors between the European sources of supply and the great consumer, the army.

Dey hired men out by the year to contractors to cut cord wood an' build railroads.

They carried bills preventing contractors from sitting in parliament and depriving revenue officers of the franchise.

The contractors were under time-penalties to be ready for the formal opening on the forthcoming August Bank Holiday.

On the contrary, the contractors deal as they see fit, with those whom they employ, or of whom they purchase.

Government pays in large sums, to large contractors, and to these it may pay gold and silver.

The clods are brought from the mines there, and treated in Rome by public contractors.

The contractors, freighters and workmen threaten to strike unless they get their money.

There were about four thousand in the camp, some hired out to contractors.