Contracts [noun]

Definition of Contracts:

agreement, deal

Synonyms of Contracts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contracts:

Sentence/Example of Contracts:

The present bronze coinage came into use December 1st, 1860, and Messrs. Heaton have had several contracts therefor since then.

Vast quantities of perishable goods are carried, but usually under definite regulations and contracts.

One way alone offered—to break the disastrous contracts by payments made down without delay.

Thus two written contracts may be exact duplicates except that one of them may have no seal.

"Including contracts and charter," agreed the sheriff, and Scattergood continued his chat.

This remedy cannot be always sought whenever the seller fails to execute his contracts.

One of the most common things is to compel persons who refuse to perform their contracts to execute them.

I can't see ourselves digging down for sixty cents a thousand for driving our logs—contracts or no contracts.

Again appears the risk of making contracts with minors, though the situation many times seems clearly to justify such action.

The iris of the human eye dilates and contracts with every shift of illumination, and the Time Observatory had an iris too.