Contradicted [verb]

Definition of Contradicted:

be at variance with

Synonyms of Contradicted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contradicted:

Sentence/Example of Contradicted:

Michael Ricci, a Hogan spokesman, said the event’s current plan doesn’t contradict the governor’s latest orders.

I could almost feel my own alpha rhythm jump off the charts, chaotically trying to keep up with the contradicting data and interpretations.

During town hall meetings, they questioned CNN executives, including Morse, about why Great Big Story was signing deals with oil companies like BP and Shell that seemed to contradict the publication’s environmental conservation coverage.

We’re all living in a kind of echo chamber where we only follow people on social media that share our own beliefs and any time somebody contradicts our beliefs, we just unfollow them or block them.

Speaking yesterday on a call with journalists Google sought to contradict that claim, saying that the DOJ couldn’t point to any consumer harm at all.

Principals have directly contradicted some of the claims made by district leaders about how phase one will play out.

So they’ll do everything in their power to avoid contradicting it, even if that means ignoring public health guidelines from their own government.

The ink isn’t dry on the TikTok-Oracle deal yet, but it’s already clear how companies and governments on both sides will spin it—even if it means they have to flatly contradict each other.

It would make a sensation, he thought; there was more than one generally accepted theory he had challenged or contradicted in it.

It must be evident to every intelligent and dispassionate man that these declaimers contradicted themselves.