Contradicting [verb]

Definition of Contradicting:

be at variance with

Synonyms of Contradicting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contradicting:

Sentence/Example of Contradicting:

But to wave this discourse of Heathens, how many self-contradicting principles are there held among Christians?

Mark well that I do not renounce the pleasure of changing my opinion or of contradicting myself.

"Such niminy piminy things," said Alicia, contradicting the light of satisfaction in her eyes.

The gentleness of your character prevents your contradicting notions that would appear revolting if you deigned to examine them.

I'm begging your pardon for contradicting you, and well I ought.

Some years ago Congress was requested to pass a law contradicting this fundamental fact of world capitalism.

Now it is no paradox to assert that these two views, instead of contradicting, support each other.

Thus ordered and appealed to, Maggie was areel with contradicting thoughts and impulses while the three men awaited her action.

Nay rather, are we not contradicting Homer and ourselves in affirming anything of the sort?

His neighbour, a handsome tipsy man, kept contradicting and saying it wasn't so.