Contradicts [verb]

Definition of Contradicts:

be at variance with

Synonyms of Contradicts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contradicts:

Sentence/Example of Contradicts:

But I will tell him, do you not see that everything in this world contradicts the good qualities which you attribute to your God?

Therein we may observe how completely the first contradicts Socrates as before quoted, and may also infer the reason why.

The second assumption contradicts all the professions of the critics.

In other words, nothing can be allowed as true for the human mind, which directly contradicts this reason.

Yet with what a charming air she contradicts everything I say; and how pleasantly she shows her contempt for my authority!

An earlier name was Porthpeyre, which neither assists nor contradicts such a derivation.

To say that a man's speech is as necessary as the beating of his pulse contradicts experience.

The truth is that only he is an unbeliever who deliberately and knowingly contradicts the Bible.

It explains, I venture to think, the extraordinary success of the English tactics, and it contradicts no ascertained facts.

As regards the matter of original introduction, this passage contradicts all the foregoing ones.