Contralto [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Contralto:

That is not an instrument for the production of tones in the contralto compass.

What she sang he did not know, but her deep contralto, holding heaven in its tones, he both knew and understood.

The contralto and I were talking about it one day on the train and saying how glad we should be to get away from it.

With that there smote on our ears the sounds of two voices in altercation outside—one a woman's high contralto.

Through the warm air, heavy with the perfume of flowers, floated the contralto voice of Dolores.

She took a prominent part in the programme, having a charming, true and well-trained contralto voice.

Susan was ready with her beautiful contralto, Mrs. Blair sung the soprano, Mr. Blair the tenor, and I the base.

She has a strong, masculine contralto of wide range, particularly downwards.

The elaborate Polish contralto across from her, splendid as a mediaeval queen, threw Kate's simplicity into sharp contrast.

It contains one of the finest parts ever written for the contralto voice.