Contraries [noun]

Definition of Contraries:

contradiction, denial

Synonyms of Contraries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contraries:

Sentence/Example of Contraries:

Shall the affections which consist in the forms and powers, and their contraries, the privations, be called qualities?

Consequently, objects which have something in common in the respect of colors could not be contraries.

At present attention may be called only to one remarkable trait, namely: the interpretation of dreams by contraries.

Waterloo, by the way, is the strangest encounter recorded in history; Napoleon and Wellington are not enemies, but contraries.

Motion and Rest are contraries; yet we say that each and both are Realities or Entia.

Every thing in the universe has its opposite; and opposites, in regard to each other, are not relatives, but contraries.

The action of multiplicity, and of its creators, the "contraries," engenders still other causes of suffering.

Sub-contraries can never be both false, but both may be true.

Of the Contraries: If one is true the other must be false; but, both may be false.

For caution seems to be in a manner contrary to confidence, and contraries are in no way consistent.