Contrarious [adjective]

Definition of Contrarious:


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Sentence/Example of Contrarious:

And what greater absurditie can there bee, then to say that one cure shall serue for diuers, nay, contrarious sortes of diseases?

It was the son who sang the ‘Death of Nelson’ under such contrarious circumstances.

It was just bitterly disappointing and contrarious that the one person he wished to see was a Commodore Graham.

But before he could set to work there came more "contrarious" orders.

They will be drowned going overland, after the contrarious way of the world.

Volumes of report / Run with these false and most contrarious quests / Upon thy doings!

What other art gives scope to natures and dispositions so diverse, and to tastes so contrarious?

It was the son who sang the “Death of Nelson” under such contrarious circumstances.

And us moche I seye at e laste charge of contrarious fortune is is.

For contrarious inges ne ben 1420 not wont to ben yfelawshiped togidres.