Contrastingly [adverb]

Definition of Contrastingly:

in another way; otherwise

Opposite/Antonyms of Contrastingly:

Sentence/Example of Contrastingly:

The crust bakes up deliciously crisp and toasty, a delicious contrast to the smooth, sweet filling.

Facebook removed that video from its service but let Bannon continue to broadcast, in contrast to Twitter, which kicked Bannon off its service.

In contrast, e-commerce sales now account for between 11% an 12% of Procter & Gambe’s total sales.

Image models like object recognition systems, by contrast, learn more directly from reality.

Risk-assessment algorithms, by contrast, use historical data to predict the likelihood a defendant would reoffend during their pretrial period, and decide whether to jail or release them based on that probability.

By contrast, “the biggest opportunity for a content creator that owns their own catalog is right now with the FASTs.”

In contrast to now, this election’s main concern is about the economy and health.

In contrast, Willingham points out, the human penis is distinctly lackluster.

By contrast, this year’s referendum is the first time it’ll be asked as a straight up-or-down vote, and there is no organized effort to boycott the vote.

Rosendale, in contrast, was on the record during a 2014 run for Congress as backing the transfer of federal public lands to the states, an increasingly toxic position in Montana and throughout the West.