Contributes [verb]

Definition of Contributes:

donate, provide

Synonyms of Contributes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contributes:

Sentence/Example of Contributes:

Thus the Gulf Stream, directly and indirectly, probably contributes more than half the rainfall about the Atlantic basin.

This is enough to make the San Franciscan an exotic, and it contributes in a great measure to his fatal content.

Thus, Virginia with approximately 135,000 farms, contributes significantly to the agricultural economy of the United States.

Now no single line or exercise is an end in itself; it contributes to some whole.

The great artist is himself immortal, even if he contributes very little to save the world.

He gets nothing for the job, contributes his share towards the church expenses as well, and is satisfied.

This may be styled a serial arrangement of sentences, since in such a case each contributes to the topic only as one in a chain.

The Nile contributes to fecundity more than other rivers, and among other animals of large bulk, produces the amphibious kind.

Anything that contributes to this highest attainment should be undertaken with joy.

And perhaps nothing contributes more to hasty accusations of ingratitude than forgetfulness of this truth.