Contributing [verb]

Definition of Contributing:

donate, provide

Synonyms of Contributing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contributing:

Sentence/Example of Contributing:

Countries like Pakistan and India contribute little to the bottomline for tech companies.

Vicente Calderon of the Tijuana Press contributed to this story.

About 80 percent of wastewater globally goes back into the environment totally untreated, contributing to the spread of disease.

Women were not only encouraged to visit the museum, Peale wanted them to contribute to the enterprise, sending in samples and sharing ideas.

Twenty-three scientists from around the globe, mostly in countries with large tropical peatland areas, contributed to the paper.

The American Society of News Editors has been conducting an annual diversity census since 1997, but it was recently paused as the researchers rethought the approach because not enough news organizations were contributing.

We’ll be talking a lot about how designers can contribute to digital transformations in the coming weeks.

All these factors have contributed to a heightened level of stress and anxiety about the direction of the country in the lead-up to the election.

To be sure, a recovering ad market would help matters as the drop in advertising revenue has contributed to networks’ slipping profits.

Tonya Riley, Isaac Stanley-Becker, Tony Romm and Cat Zakrzewski contributed to this report.