Contributions [noun]

Definition of Contributions:

gift, offering

Synonyms of Contributions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contributions:

Sentence/Example of Contributions:

How have the contributions of the faithful, for this end, been merely offered to men, but not vowed openly to God?

The heaviest contributions were levied on all natives and foreigners, and the misery of a siege was coming upon the city.

Occasional gifts do not prove dependency, yet purely voluntary contributions may establish dependency.

The question of dependence is one of fact; contributions by the deceased tend to establish this, but are not conclusive.

Thus, contributions to vocal music, instrumental music and musical forms have been made by natives and residents of Virginia.

On every street corner there were young girls and women hard at work getting contributions for the Red Cross.

Then I canvassed all the names on the rosters and combed the neighboring ranches for small monthly contributions.

There were also continual contributions of men and money for the “exigencies of the State.”

Just within each doorway there is a box, intended for contributions on behalf of “sick and needy scholars.”

A call was also made for larger military contributions from some of the crown colonies.