Contributors [noun]

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On this subject there would probably have been no difference of opinion had not Somers been one of the contributors.

When Buloz bought the Revue des deux Mondes, she became one of the contributors to that journal.

The penny morning papers are difficult of access, relying chiefly on bands of regular contributors.

Will any of your contributors be so obliging as to inform me where the form of prayer spoken of as customary is to be found?

But the editor not only paid his contributors; he demanded well-written articles, and he accepted only the best of those.

Among his contributors of belles lettres we find the names of the authors just mentioned, and also several others.

Many of the contributors to the older magazine have written articles for the same.

For myself I have plenty of contributors, nor do I know of any of my literary acquaintances who would employ you.

He became a regular reader of the Croppy, and made the acquaintance of most of the contributors to its pages.

The supplement will be conducted by the Editor of the original work, with the assistance of many of the first Contributors.