Contributory [adjective]

Definition of Contributory:

contributing a result

Synonyms of Contributory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contributory:


Sentence/Example of Contributory:

He was a strong athletic young man, in spite of his long hair—or might that have been, as in Samson's case, a contributory cause?

Another contributory source to this oddest freak of my life was the terms on which I had returned to the college.

The expression “contributory place” means a place other than a parish chargeable with special expenses.

But we may well consider these reconstructions as contributory essays and experiments in the general constructive effort.

This warfare finds contributory causes in tribal migrations.

A strong contributory factor was the clumsy tactics of the employers who played into the hands of the leaders of the miners.

We have practically agreed on that, and that leaves the only defense remaining for the employer, that of contributory negligence.

Mr. Flora: Cannot they bring in the law of contributory negligence?

The spirit of the Boy Scout movement was at least a contributory factor in helping us to win the War.

Military men were as keen as business men in realizing the industrial factor as a powerful contributory cause in winning the war.