Contrition [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contrition:

Multiple dead bodies later, no contrition, no apologies, no acknowledgment of what they did.

Abloh’s title for Evian was announced in 2018 and ironically wasn’t surprising considering his contrition to designing outside of the fashion realm.

Declarations of contrition and of a determination to fix things on the part of military leaders are a start.

His whilom arrogance was all fallen from him; he wore instead an air of extreme contrition.

But she could scarcely see, and Gwynne with a contrition he had no intention of displaying offered to control the launch.

Harry was dismayed at his sister's condition, but the injustice of the wholesale reproach chased away contrition.

Miss Naylor made no reply to this, but vexedly cut off a sound rose, which she hastily picked up and regarded with contrition.

Then she caught sight of his eyes, and leaned forward in sudden contrition.

Mr. Peaslee heaved a great sigh of mingled contrition and fear.

Then her mood changed swiftly to contrition, and she went close to Karl.