Contrived [adjective]

Definition of Contrived:

overly planned

Synonyms of Contrived:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contrived:

Sentence/Example of Contrived:

Scientists tell us that from the point of view of optics the human eye is a clumsy instrument poorly contrived for its work.

Anyway there was a lot of embroidery on it, full of little holes, which somehow contrived to be extraordinarily fetching.

Her clothes were good and new, but some desolate dressmaker had contrived to invest them with an air of hopeless dowdiness.

It was not purposely contrived, it was in automatic obedience to deeper impulses than she knew.

As a consequence several varieties of curtains, all involving the use of asbestos, have been contrived.

The "effects" were astonishingly well contrived by both author and producer (Mr. Holman Clark).

There were great exclamations of satisfaction, and gratitude; "it was the very thing wanted, only how could he have contrived it?"

Science began with astronomy, and the first instruments which men contrived for the purpose of investigation were astronomical.

These instruments were of a simple nature, for the magnifying glass was not yet contrived, and so the telescope was impossible.

Ah, you need not ask who she was; he had contrived to win her, to win over Dr. Ashton; and his heart had at length found rest.