Controllable [adjective]

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As predicted, the Democrats were able to maintain control of the House of Representatives, but control of the Senate remains unknown.

Operators monitor the facility from a control room filled with screens.

It’s been widely reported that Terra Lawson-Remer’s win helped flip control of the Board of Supervisors to Democrats, and Esther Sanchez’s win in Oceanside also gives Dems control of a seat long held by GOP leaders.

Across these benchmarks, zero states fare well on all three metrics, suggesting no state has its outbreak under control right now.

Once the conservatorship is in place, the conservator assumes final control over the subject’s decisions, which is where Spears is now.

Not only are two high-profile races on the ballot, but control of the entire Senate is at stake.

In Europe, where the coronavirus was largely under control for much of the summer and fall, cases are skyrocketing nearly everywhere.

The answer is complicated, as control of the Senate most likely hangs on two runoff elections in Georgia in January.

When life seems upended, the pleasing symmetry of the Anderson-style images offers a comforting sense of control.

Both Thompson and Reid believe that the mayor’s control of schools should end and that the state board should have more power.